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S# Department Authors Title Journal IF Total IF ISSN HEC Rec. Type Volume Pages/Article No. Total Pages Status Field of Research Country Issue Year Date of Publication URL
1 Mechanical Engineering Ali Turab Jafry, Taqi Ahmad Cheema, Huma Ajab, Muhammad Kamran, Arslan Ahmed, Haji Hassan Masjuki The Influence of Butanol-Acetone (BA) Mixture on Spray and Performance Characteristics of Castor and Pongamia Biodiesel Waste and Biomass Valorization Yes 3.2 1877-265X W Journal Paper -- 1-17 Published Renewable Germany 2024 2/15/2024
2 Mechanical Engineering Asim Zulfiqar, Atta ur Rehman Shah, Muhammad Saad Khalil, Muhammad Muzammil Azad, Yasir Zulfiqar, Muhammad Shoaib Naseem, Jung-Il Song Enhancing properties of jute/starch bio-composite material through incorporation of magnesium carbonate hydroxide pentahydrate: A sustainable approach Materials Chemistry and Physics Yes 4.6 1879-3312 W Journal Paper 314 128690 11 Published Composite Materials Netherlands 2024 2/15/2024
3 Mechanical Engineering Saad Waheed, Arslan Ahmed , Muhammad Abid, Riaz Ahmed Mufti  Ionic liquids as lubricants: An overview of recent developments Journal of Molecular Structure Yes 3.8 W Journal paper 1301 137307 Published Tribology 2023 12/12/2023
4 Mechanical Engineering Atta Ur Rehman Shah, Abdul Jalil, Atiya Sadiq, Meshal Alzaid, Muhammad Shoaib Naseem,Rakan Alanazi, Sultan Alanazi, Abdullatyf Obaid Alanzy,Ibrahim Hotan Alsohaimi and Rizwan Ahmed Malik Effect of Rice Husk and Wood Flour on the Structural, Mechanical, and Fire-Retardant Characteristics of Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Polymers Yes 5 2073-4360 W Journal Paper 15 4031 15 Published Composite Material Switzerland 19 2023 10/9/2023
5 Mechanical Engineering Atta Ur Rehman Shah, Hammad Ahmad, Muhammad Hamza Abid, Saad Arif, Zarak Khan, Mushtaq Khan, Faramarz Djavanroodi Development and characterization of jute/cotton reinforced epoxy/polyester hybrid-resin composite material Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures Yes 10.1080/15376494.2023.2235352 2023
6 Mechanical Engineering Qaiser Saghir, Atta ur Rehman Shah, S. Kamran Afaq, Tanveer Ahmed & Jung-il Song Effect of machining parameters on surface quality and delamination of carbon/glass/epoxy hybrid composite material during end milling operation Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology Yes 37 2319-2324 Published 2023
7 Mechanical Engineering Atta ur Rehman Shah, Anas Imdad, Atiya Sadiq, Rizwan Ahmed Malik, Hussein Alrobei, Irfan Anjum Badruddin Mechanical, Thermal, and Fire Retardant Properties of Rice Husk Biochar Reinforced Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Composite Material Polymers Yes 15 1827 Published 2023
8 Mechanical Engineering A. Shehzad , A. Arslan , F. Rehman , M.M. Quazi , S.I. Butt , M. Jamshaid  Corrosion behavior of copper, aluminium, and stainless steel 316L in chicken fat oil based biodiesel-diesel blends Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments Yes Published 2023
9 Mechanical Engineering Ali Zahid, Muhammad Tuoqeer Anwar, Arslan Ahmed, Yasir Raza, Ghulam Abbas Gohar, Muhammad Jamshaid Synthesis and Investigation of Mechanical Properties of the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Fiber Composites Using Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Yes Published 2023
10 Mechanical Engineering Shahzal Hassan,Nadeem Shaukat,Ammar Ahmad,Muhammad Abid,Abrar Hashmi,Muhammad Laiq Ur Rahman Shahid,Zohreh Rajab and Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman Tariq Prediction of the Amount of Sediment Deposition in Tarbela Reservoir Using Machine Learning Approach Journal on Water Science and Technology of MDPI Yes 14(19) 3098 Published 2022
11 Mechanical Engineering Nadeem Shaukat, Abrar Hashmi, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Naeem Aslam, Shahzal Hassan, Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar, Amjad Masood, Muhammad Laiq Ur Rahman Shahid, Atiba Zainab and Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman Tariq Sediment load forecasting of Gobindsagar reservoir using machine learning techniques Frontiers in Earth Science Yes Published 2022
12 Mechanical Engineering Mujahid Naseem; Arslan Saleem; Muhammad Shoaib Naseem Investigation of blade design parameters for performance improvement of hydraulic cross flow turbine Ocean Engineering Yes 4.375 0029-8018 W Journal Paper 257 111663 2022
13 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Ateeq, Li Li, Muhammad Abdullah, Arslan Ahmed, Ghulam Abbas Gohar, Muhammad Rafiq, Shoaib Rauf, Asad Ali, Hamza Saleem Evaluating corrosion effect of biodiesel produced from neem oil on automotive materials Materials Today Sustainability Yes 3 W Journal 18 100130 2022
14 Mechanical Engineering Ghulam Mustafa, Arslan Ahmed, Muhammad Nawaz,Tahir Rasheed Influence of Machining Parameters on Machinability of Inconel 718—A Review Advanced Engineering Materials Yes 4.1 1438-1656,1527-2648 W Journal 2022
15 Mechanical Engineering M Jamshaid, HH Masjuki, MA Kalam, NWM Zulkifli, A Arslan, AA Qureshi Experimental investigation of performance, emissions and tribological characteristics of B20 blend from cottonseed and palm oil biodiesels Energy Yes 7.147 0360-5442 W Journal Paper 239 121894 2022
16 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Bilal, Mohsin Shahzad, Muhammad Arif,; Barkat Ullah, Suhaila Badarol Hisham, Syed Saad Azhar Ali Annual Cost and Loss Minimization in a Radial Distribution Network by Capacitor Allocation Using PSO Applied Sciences Yes 2.679 Journal paper 18 Published 2021
17 Mechanical Engineering AKHTER, JAVED, Syed Ihtsham-ul-Haq Gilani, Hussain H. Al-Kayiem, Mubbashar Mehmood, Muzaffar Ali, Barkat Ullah, Mohammad Azad Alam, and Faisal Masood. Experimental investigation of a medium temperature single-phase thermosyphon in an evacuated tube receiver coupled with compound parabolic concentrator Frontiers in Energy Research Yes 4.008 Journal paper 13 Published 2021
18 Mechanical Engineering Ulf Hammerschmidt, Muhammad Abid AP The Thermal Diffusivity of Glass-Sieves: II. Gas Saturated Frits International Journal of Thermophysics Yes  0.794 Journal paper 42:95 Published 2021
19 Mechanical Engineering Ahsen Maqsoom, Zeeshan Babar, Iram Shaheen, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Rafiq Kakar, Saeedullah Jan Mandokhail & Ahsan Nawaz Influence of construction risks on cost escalation of highway related projects: Exploring the moderating role of social sustainability requirements Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engg --- 2228-6160 Journal paper 1-13 Published 2021
20 Mechanical Engineering Uzair Ahmed Dar, Haris Hameed Mian, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Bilal Nutkani, Abuzar Jamil, and Muhammad Zakir Sheikh Quasi-Static Compression and Deformation Behavior of Additively Manufactured Flexible Polymeric Lattice Structure Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance Yes 1.82 Journal paper 16 1-3 Published 2021
21 Mechanical Engineering Dr. Barkat Ullah, MY Javaid, Mark Ovinis Study on Wing Aspect Ratio on the Performance of a Gliding Robotic Fish” Applied Mechanics & Materials Yes 0.112 X 2015
22 Mechanical Engineering SAROSH Ali, YUN-FENG Dong, SHOAIB Muhammad An Aero-thermodynamic and Mass Model Integrated Optimization Framework for Highly-Integrated Fore-body-Inlet Configurations Applied Mechanics and Materials No 245 277-282 Published 2013
23 Mechanical Engineering Ulf Hammerschmidt and Muhammad Abid AP The thermal conductivity of glass-sieves: I. Liquid saturated frits International Journal of Thermal Sciences Yes 2.769 W Journal Paper 96 119-127 9 Published 2015
24 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Abid AP, U. Hammerschmidt and Jürgen Köhler Temperature and moisture dependent thermophysical properties of Sander sandstone. International Journal of Thermal Sciences Yes 2.629 W Journal Paper 86 88-94 7 Published 2014
25 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Abid AP, U. Hammerschmidt and Jürgen Köhler Thermophysical Properties of a fluid‒saturated sandstone International Journal of Thermal Sciences Yes 2.629 W Journal Paper 76 43?50 8 Published 2014
26 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Abid Synthesis and Thermopower of Vanadium‒doped Bismuth‒based (Bi‒2223) High‒Tc Superconductors Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, Series A, Physical Sciences No 2221-6413 2223-2559 X Journal Paper 56 30-33 4 Published 2013
27 Mechanical Engineering F. Mzali, V. Meier, Muhammad Abid AP and U. Hammerschmidt. Measurement of Temperature‒dependent Thermal Conductivity of Moist Bricks using the Transient Hot‒bridge Sensor Special Topics & Reviews in Porous Media‒An International Journal No X Journal Paper 1 87-94 8 Published 2010
28 Mechanical Engineering Yasir Hamid, Ali Usman, S. Kamran Afaq, Cheol Woo Park Numeric based Low Viscosity Adiabatic Thermo-tribological Performance Analysis of Piston-skirt Liner System Lubrication at High Engine Speed Tribology International Yes W Journal Paper 126 166-176 11 Published 2018
29 Mechanical Engineering Ali Usman, Cheol Woo Park Numerical optimization of surface texture for improved tribological performance of journal bearing at varying operating conditions Industrial Lubrication and Tribology (ISSN: 0036-8792) Yes W Journal Paper 70 1608-1618 11 Published 2018
30 Mechanical Engineering Ali Usman, SadiaRiaz, Cheol Woo Park Hydrodynamic Conjunction of Textured Journal Surface-Bearing for Improved Frictional Response during Warm-Up of an Internal Combustion Engine Energies (ISSN:1996-1073) Yes W Journal Paper 11 3515 15 Published 2018
31 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Umer, Muhammad Abid, Ahsen Maqsoom, Zaineb Abid Disaster preparedness for metro projects: a social-cognitive perspective of PAKISTAN Geo environmental Disasters Yes Journal Paper 7/30 Published 2020
32 Mechanical Engineering Uzair Ahmed Dar, Haris Hameed Mian, Muhammad Abid, AmeenTopa, Muhammad Zakir Sheikh,Muhammad Bilal Experimental and numerical investigation of compressive behavior of lattice structures manufactured through projection micro stereolithography Materials Today Communications Yes Journal Paper 25 101563 1-15 Published 2020
33 Mechanical Engineering Usman Khan, AmanUllah Yasin, Imran Shafi and Muhammad Abid CPU-GPU Rendering of CT Scan Images for Vertebra Reconstruction from CT Scan Images with a Calibration Policy Medical Imagining and Radiation Sciences Yes Journal Paper 1 1-5 Published 2020
34 Mechanical Engineering Shahid Shafique, Khasan S. Karimov, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed, Khakim M. Akhmedov and Azizur-Rehman Carbon nanotubes, orange dye, and graphene powder based multifunctional temperature, pressure, and displacement sensors Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Yes Journal Paper 31 8893–8899 Published 2020
35 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Hasan Ali Baig, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Roman Khan, Muhammad Amin, Shahzada Adnan, Wenzhe Jiao Assessing Meteorological and Agricultural Drought in Chitral Kabul River Basin Using Multiple Drought Indices Remote Sensing Yes Journal Paper 12/9, 1417 1-19 Published 2020
36 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Iqbal, Heiko Gimperlein Omar Laghrouche, Khurshid Alam M. Shadi Mohamed , Muhammad Abid A residual a posteriori error estimate for partition of unity finite elements for three‐dimensional transient heat diffusion problems using multiple global enrichment functions International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering Yes Journal Paper 121/12 2727-2746 Published 2020
37 Mechanical Engineering Ahsen Maqsoom, Hassaan Bilal Rashid, Bilal Aslam, Hassan Ashraf, Muhamamd Abid, Asim Ejaz. Building information modelling application for ground water recharge: Development of multiple structures Environmental Engineering Management Journal Yes Journal Paper 19 935-945 Published 2020
38 Mechanical Engineering Maryam Fatima, Ayesha Sohail, Khush Bakhat Akram, Lubna Sherin, Saad Ihsan Butt, M. Abid, O.A. Beg Biomechanics of Super paramagnetic Nanoparticles for Laser Hyperthermia Biomedical Engineering: Applications, Basis and Communications Yes Journal Paper 32/1 1-7 Published 2020
39 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Yasir Ishraq, Shahid Maqsood, Khawar Naeem, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Omair Analysing significant process parameters for friction stir welding of polymer composite The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Yes Journal Paper 105 4973-4987 4973-4987 Published 2019
40 Mechanical Engineering Ayesha Sohail, Muhammad Younas, Yousaf Bhatti, Zhiwu Li, Sümeyye Tunç and Muhammad Abid Analysis of Trabecular Bone Mechanics Using Machine Learning Evolutionary Bioinformatics Yes Journal Paper 15 1-7 Published 2019
41 Mechanical Engineering M. Abid, Z. Abid, J. Sagin, R. Murtaza, D. Sarbassov, M. Shabbir.  Prospects of Floating Photovoltaic Technology and its implementation in Central and South Asian Countries. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Yes Journal Paper 16, 3 1755–1762 Published 2019
42 Mechanical Engineering Khan U, Yasin A, Abid M, Shafi I, Khan SA. A Methodological Review of 3D Reconstruction Techniques in Tomographic Imaging Journal of Medical Systems Yes Journal Paper 42, 10:190 1-12 Published 2018
43 Mechanical Engineering Zaineb Abid, Muhammad Abid, Qudsia Zafar, Shahbaz Mahmood. Detrimental Effects of Climate Change on Women Earth Systems and Environment Yes Journal Paper 1-15 Published 2018
44 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Abid, Shehbaz Mehmood Khan, Hafiz Abdul Wajid Optimization of box type girders with and without industrial constraints IIUM Engineering Journal Yes Journal Paper 19, 1 289-306 Published 2018
45 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Yasar Javaid,Mark Ovinis, Maria Javaid, & Barkat Ullah Experimental study on hydrodynamic characteristics of underwater glider Indian Journal of Geo Marine Sciences No Y Journal 48 1091-1097 6 Published 2019
46 Mechanical Engineering Shahzad, Mohsin; Akram, Waseem; Arif, Muhammad; Khan, Uzair; Ullah, Barkat Optimal Siting and Sizing of Distributed Generators by Strawberry Plant Propagation Algorithm MDPI Energies 2.7 W Journal 14, 6 Published 2021
47 Mechanical Engineering Uzair A Dar, H.H.Mian M. Abid, AmeenTopa, M Zakir Sheikh, M. Bilal Experimental and numerical investigation of compressive behavior of lattice structures manufactured through projection micro stereolithography Materials Today Communications 2.678 W Journal 25 101563 Published 2020
48 Mechanical Engineering Batool, I., Hussain, G., & Abid, M Airport Privatization in Pakistan Policy Perspective No Y Journal Paper 15, 3 157-177 21 Published 2018
49 Mechanical Engineering Ghulam Hussain, Irem Batool, Noreen Kanwal & Muhammad Abid The moderating effects of work safety climate on socio-cognitive factors and the risky driving behavior of truck drivers in Pakistan Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour 1.935 Journal Paper 62 700-715 16 Published 2019
50 Mechanical Engineering M.S.Naseem, B.V.S.Jyoti, and S.W.Baek Effect of Alcohol Carbon Chain on Enthalpy and Delay Time of Gelled Hypergolic Propellant System Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics 1.908 W Journal 43 453-460 7 Published 2018
51 Mechanical Engineering B Ullah, M Ovinis, MB Baharom, SSA Ali, B Khan, MY Javaid Effect of waves and current on motion control of underwater gliders Journal of Marine Science and Technology 1.8 W Journal 25 549-562 Published 2019
52 Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Abid, Ragnar Somdalen and Marina Sancho Rodrigo Design Optimization of a Thermoelectric Cooling Module Using Finite Element Simulations Journal of Electronic Materials 1.566 Journal Paper 47, 8 4845-4854 10 Published 2018
53 Mechanical Engineering Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Hassan Ali, Muhammad Abubaker, Ahmed Saieed, William Pao, Majid Ahmadlouydarab, Hasan Koten, Muhammad Abid Condensate Retention as a function of condensate flow rate on Horizontal Enhanced PIN-FIN Tubes Thermal Science 1.45 Journal Paper 23, 6B 3887-3892 6 Published 2019
54 Mechanical Engineering Aurang Zeb, Muhammad Abid, Misbah Aurang Zeb, Muhammad Omer Qureshi, Usman Younas and Irem Batool Measurement and Prediction of Thermal Conductivity of Volcanic Basalt Rocks from Warsak Area Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 1.271 Journal Paper 9 Published 2020
55 Mechanical Engineering Jeongmoo Huh, Botchu, V.S. Jyoti, Yongtae Yun, M. N.Shoaib, and Sejin Kwon Preliminary Assessment of Hydrogen Peroxide Gel as an Oxidizer in a Catalyst Ignited Hybrid Thruster International Journal of Aerospace Engineering 1.185 X Journal 14 Published 2018
56 Mechanical Engineering I. Batool, G. Hussain, N. Kanwal and M. Abid Identifying the factors behind fatal and non-fatal road accidents: A case study of Lahore Pakistan, Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion 0.955 Journal Paper 25,4 401-407 7 Published 2018
57 Mechanical Engineering Ulf Hammerschmidt, Muhammad Abid The Thermal Diffusivity of Glass-Sieves: II. Gas Saturated Frits International Journal of Thermophysics 0.794 Journal Paper Accepted 2021
58 Mechanical Engineering Ulf Hammerschmidt, Muhammad Abid The Thermal Diffusivity of Glass-Sieves: I. Liquid Saturated Frits International Journal of Thermophysics 0.794 Journal Paper 42, 54 1--29 29 Published 2021
59 Mechanical Engineering Ulf Hammerschmidt, Muhammad Abid The Thermal Conductivity of Glass-Sieves: II. Liquid and Gas Saturated Frits International Journal of Thermophysics 0.794 Journal Paper 42, 40 1--29 29 Published 2021

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