Conference Papers

3 conference papers found.

S# Department Authors Title ConferenceOrganizerOrPublisher ConferenceLocation ProceedingsTitle Year
1 Management Sciences Ambreen Shahnaz COVID-19 and The Digital Identity of University Faculty: Pakistani Universities as a Case in Point ICC (International Collaborative Community Online Mode ICC (International Collaborative Community 2022
2 Management Sciences Syeda Tamkeen Fatima Productivity Spillovers From Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence From Turkish Micro-level Data ETSG (European Trade Study Group) Munich, Germany ETSG 2014 Munich Sixteenth Annual Conference 11-13 September 2014 LMU Munich and Ifo Institute 2014
3 Management Sciences Ambreen Shahnaz Code Switching as a Teaching Strategy: A Case Study of COMSATS IIT Asia TEFL Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Asia TEFL 12th International Conference Proceedings 2014

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