Funded Projects

6 projects found.

S# Department Title Principal Investigator Designation Amoun Approved Funding Agency Funding Program Year
1 Mechanical Engineering PAK-UK Education Gateway Mobility Partnership Grant For Faculty Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid Director CUI Wah 17.93 Millions British Council PAK-UK 2022-23 On-Going
2 Mechanical Engineering Development of Micro-texturing machine for enhancing the efficiency of Automotive components Dr Arslan Ahmed Assistant Professor 6.33 Millions HEC NRPU 2021-22 On-Going
3 Mechanical Engineering Developments of ad Transient Hot-Point technique for Thermal Characterization of Insulatin gand Building Materials Dr. Muhammad Abid Assistant Professor 2.77 Millions HEC NRPU 2021-22 On-Going
4 Mechanical Engineering Design Improvement of High-Torque Low-Speed Diesel Engine Prof. Dr. M. Abid Professor 2.097 Millions PSF Joint Research Project Through MOU 2018-19 On-Going
5 Mechanical Engineering Gel Fuel Injection System Dr. M. Shoaib Naseem Assistant Professor 0.5 Millions HEC Startup Research Grant 2018-19 Completed
6 Mechanical Engineering Steady state thermal stress analysis of a high speed diesel engine piston Prof. Dr. M. Abid Professor 0.31 Millions HIT/PSF PSF 2016-17 Completed

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